Friday, September 27, 2013

More Draft Cover Art for the Next Buffalo Soldier Novel

The next in the Buffalo Soldier series will be set in Yosemite, before it was designated a national park. This book will highlight the role played by the Buffalo Soldiers in the early history of our national park system, and while a fictional account, will be as historically accurate as I can make it. I am now doing paintings from which I will select one for the cover. Here are some more. Comments are welcomed.  In addition, I've come up with two potential working titles:

Buffalo Soldier: Park Patrol

Buffalo Soldier: Yosemite

The first one came to me first, but as I did research on the subject, the second popped into mind, and really I think I prefer it. I wouldn't mind reader reactions, though.

Now, here are the other paintings. Which do you like?

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