Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review of "Wicked Hunger" by DelSheree Gladden

All teenagers have secrets. But, Vanessa, who prefers to be known as Van, and her brother Zander, are two high school students with secrets that have fatal implications. For reasons they do not understand, they are subject to compulsions to hurt and kill certain people at certain times. Van runs a dance class in the evenings and Zander is the school’s star athlete, enabling both to work out some of their aggressive tendencies.

Things are going well until the arrival of Ivy. Van feels an immediate urge to hurt the girl, and so does Zander upon first meeting her. His feelings, though, quickly turn to desire, which puts him, Van and everyone around them in grave danger.

This is a novel that is hard to really put into a pigeon hole. Part horror, part fantasy, with a hint of science fiction, DelSherree Gladden’s Wicked Hunger is an electrifying tale that will cause the hairs on your body to stand on end.

Gladden is in a class by herself and you won’t be disappointed with what she has to offer – take my word on it.
A definite five-stars!
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