Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review of "Winds of Danger" by Linda Ulleseit

Author Linda Ulleseit.

In the Winds of Danger
By Linda Ulleseit

If you like legends, you’ll love Linda Ulleseit’s In the Winds of Danger, a bit of folklore set in a Wales that might have – just might have – existed at some point in the past.

The story is told from the point of view of two characters; Nia and Owain.

Nia, a winged horse rider of the First Barn in the village of High Meadow must face off in an airborne joust against Catria of the Second Barn. She does this against her better judgment, because Tristan, the Barn leader has asked her to do it. She fears, though, that he is acting childish in his competition with Evan, leader of the other barn. Torn between following common sense and her ingrained loyalty and discipline, Nia is torn.

And then, there’s Owain, a groom who has a secret. Disclosure of his secret is threatened by the arrival of a visitor from his home village.

Told in a vivid style, complete with Welsh phrases, which the author uses in such a way that it’s easy to puzzle their meaning, it is a perfectly believable tale, rich in description of the land, the people, and their customs. But, more; it shows their fears, loves, and desires in such rich detail, you find yourself alternately cheering and booing them.

This is fantasy the way fantasy should be written. Great dialogue and just enough narrative description to keep it flowing smoothly from explosive start to an emotional finish that will leave you gasping and wanting more.

A book that’s perfect for a day at the beach, or, if it rains, snuggled up on a couch with a pot of tea at hand.