Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Walk In The Woods

Although there's still a bit of a nip in the air, spring is here at last. Green shoots and colorful buds are peeking through the brown, and all sorts of animals are cavorting in the woods behind my house. Here in Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC, there are a lot of places where one can observe nature up close, and one of my favorites is my backyard, which is up against a nature park.  I decided to rest my fingers and eyes and take a walk in that park today. Here are some of the photos I snagged during my impromptu photo safari.

A moth, probably newly emerged from a cocoon, pauses on a shoot.

This robin was so intent on something else, he never saw me sneak
up on him (or her).

A chipmunk on a log - every alert.

A fern that got a jump on spring.

The afternoon sun seen through the new growth of the trees.

The area around this tree will soon by lush green.

Looking for food among the dead foliage.

Lichen on a tree trunk looks almost alien.

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