Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poetry by Rabison Shumba

I'd like to share a poem by my good friend Rabison Shumba, writer, coach, consultant, and one of Zimbabwe's top motivational speakers.  Turns out, he's quite a poet as well; of course, since the poem's about me, I'm probably not a completely objective judge.  I leave it to my readers to decide if he's Zimbabwe's Walt Whitman or not.


He came, he conquered, he left a mark!!!

Dedication to Amby Charles Ray for his great service while representing the USA in Zimbabwe during the period - 2009 - 2012


Your arrival was not a fanfare

It was subtle with no horns and whistles blowing

Your arrival was subtle and yet historic

With clarity of thought and peace of mind you came

You knew what you had come for and were out to do it


You settled among us, became like one of us

You worked in a stupendous manner; results are there for all to see

You took no sides; you were clear on your mandate

You slept late and woke up early just to make things right

Amazing is the man who now bids farewell


You wrote daily, from fiction stories to real life events

You published books that will outlive you sir

You blogged, posted and connected with all who desired

In the process you gathered many friends

Like any good person, enemies could not be left out


You spoke to all ages particularly the next generation

The young wanted to be your friends, the old desired your companionship

You sat with them as if you came from the same womb with them

Yet in all this you were misunderstood and misquoted

But resolute you remained, to the cause you came for

How amazing is this man who is leaving us.


You are about to retire from this post but we all know one thing

Your wisdom and counsel is needed the world over

You shall travel the nations; you shall speak until old age

Your wisdom is critical in this suffering and wounded world

Make this world a better place like you did for this nation.


An incredible leader you are, pampered through experience

An incredible teacher you are, ever available to mentor and coach

An incredible statesman you are, excellent in your work

An incredible father you are, to many including those not biologically yours

You are amazing; words cannot fully paint this picture


We remain with great memories, vivid and bright

Indelible marks you left in us resonate into the future

What an ambassador who stands when it made sense to quit

You are one of a kind, an example worth following

An amazing man whose story is full of templates to copy and paste


We can only believe that you also go away happy

Happy that you met a people with warm hearts and open minds

Happy that in the midst of adversity you conquered and won

Happy that in the sea of ridicule you soldiered on to the end

Happy that you put smiles of many communities


Whether we like to admit in public or not you did well

Many commend you in private while denigrating you in public

All because keeping up appearances sounds like the noble thing to do

Your results speak for themselves, I should stop talking now

Farewell Ambassador Charles Ray, you shall forever be missed and cherished

By Rabison Shumba – July 2012
Rabison always addressed me as 'Amby,' which is a pretty nice handle actually.