Monday, September 3, 2012

Help Build a Library For Some of Cambodia's Poorest Children

People Improvement Organization (PIO), an NGO that was founded by Phymean Noun, a dedicated young woman who was featured as a CNN Hero a few years ago, is conducting a campaign during the month of September to raise funds to build a library for the children of Borei Santhiphiep II.  PIO works with children in some of the most impoverished areas in Cambodia, often achieving amazing results with its meager resources.

The current campaign's objective is to raise $6,500 in order to properly fund the project.  The organization is seeking donations from anyone who is interested in helping pull children out of poverty and give them a chance in life, working through the Global Giving platform.

Interested persons should go to the donor page at and check it out.  US donors, who need documentation for their taxes will be given a donation receipt.

For those who have never visited, the community of Borey Santipheap II school is a recent development created to provide shelter for some of the poorest families who have been relocated from the riverside slum in central Phnom Penh. These families came from the provinces to the city in search of work but ended up scavenging trash dumps and the streets to earn enough money to eat. These children are some of the poorest in Cambodia and without a proper education the cycle of poverty will continue. Children who become educated and literate have much better prospects for the future. Without this program many of these children will fall prey to gangs and drug use and become prime targets for sexual exploitation.
Please consider making a donation, and share this information with your friends.  Let them know the work PIO is doing and how important it is for these children to have a safe place to learn to read, write and play.