Saturday, April 9, 2011

Suggested Fiction Reading

In addition to the political and social commentary you will find on this site, I also write fiction.  My short stories can be found at and any reader views are welcomed.  I have also written several books, both fiction and non-fiction.

My two non-fiction books are on leadership, and are available at

Things I Learned From My Grandmother About Leadership and Life

Taking Charge:  Effective Leadership for the Twenty-first Century

The first is rather self-explanatory, from the subject; it is an account of my leadership philosophy which was shaped by my grandmother with whom I lived from the time I was twelve until I graduated from high school.  The second builds on the first, giving examples of effective leadership from my personal experiences and observations of other effective leaders.

My fiction is in both paperback and e-Book format.  The e-Books are:

The paperback books that I’ve published are:

Dead, White, and Blue

A Good Day to Die

The Day the Music Died

If I Should Die Before I Wake

These four books and the three e-Books are part of a mystery series featuring Al Pennyback, a DC-based private investigator.  The paperbacks are also available in e-format at

Two other books that I’ve written are in the fantasy genre and in addition to the paperback versions are available as e-Books at

Child of the Flame

Angel on His Shoulder