Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Future is What You Make It

We are all of us on a journey.  Each day, whether we do it consciously or not, we are journeying into the future.  This is, I must point out, a journey that has no end; no matter where you stand, the future always lies ahead of you.
As we move into the future, we can move into darkness or into light; it is entirely up to us as individuals.  The actions we take, and the decisions we make will determine whether we have a future that is bleak or one that is bright.  One essential item we need to pack for our trip is – self respect.  If we don’t respect and honor ourselves, we can hardly expect others to respect us.
A key element of self respect, though, is how we treat others.  Respect breeds respect, and this, in turn, builds self respect.
While we must accept individual responsibility for what we do and achieve, never think that we’re on the journey to the future alone.  As you move toward that brighter future, lend a hand to your fellow travelers.  In so doing, you just might find your burdens lighter and your journey easier.