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WIP: "Buffalo Soldier: Renegade"

Fort Union, New Mexico - today Fort Union Nati...
Fort Union, New Mexico - today Fort Union National Monument, Drawing from around 1855 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chapter 1

After returning to Fort Union from their assignment in the town of Maxwell, Ben Carter and his men were allowed a few days to rest and regroup.

     First, though, before they could even think about resting, they had to get all their gear and equipment in good order. As sergeant in charge of the detachment, Ben insisted on that. This meant cleaning their carbines and revolvers to make sure no grit or moisture was inside to cause the metal to rust or seize up, their tenting, belts, ropes, and mess gear had to be thoroughly scoured, and their boots and uniforms cleaned. Ben didn’t make the men shine their boots when they were in the field, but insisted that the leather shine like glass when they were in garrison.

     But, Fort Union was the regimental headquarters, so it wouldn’t to have his detachment looking anything but their best. The largest army post in New Mexico Territory, it looked from a distance like anything but what it was. Without stockades or breastworks, the open arrangement of adobe structures consisting of company and officers’ quarters, stables, machine shops, hospital, and other buildings, looked more like a small village than a military installation.

     Ben’s detachment had been assigned to company quarters in the complex on the southwest side of the fort, west of the hospital. To the northwest was the mechanics corral and quarters where the men who maintained the regiment’s equipment stayed. Northeast of the barracks were the quarters for the married enlisted men, rooms in which the forts’ laundresses worked, and each company’s stables where their horses were kept. To the west were the houses in which the regiment’s white officers lived, arranged in a neat row, with the commander’s house, a large structure, in the center. Further northwest were additional officers’ quarters, the regimental headquarters building, the quartermaster office, commissary office and an office for the regimental clerks. Due north from their barracks was the transportation corral, with more horses and the wagons used to carry the supplies needed by the regiment.

     Because most of the companies of the Ninth were stationed further west in the territory so they would be closer to the Apache tribes that they were supposed to keep on the reservations, Fort Union was almost deserted. Even the ‘entertainment’ tents that were often located just outside the fort proper, were less populated than Ben remembered they’d been when he’d first been assigned there; no doubt they’d moved to where the largest concentration of troops were.

     Never mind that, he thought; that meant fewer distractions for his men as they worked to get their gear in order.

     After two days of cleaning, scrubbing, and grumbling, he was finally satisfied that they were still the best looking unit at Fort Union – notwithstanding that they were nearly the only unit at the fort at present; when he announced that fact, the barracks to which they’d been assigned vibrated with the roaring cheer they gave him. Ben, Sam Hightower, Marcus Scott, and Malachi Davis decided to spend their few days of rest at the fort, ‘resting and reading,’ as Davis said, while the remaining six men of the detachment, with a month’s pay, as meager as it was, burning holes in their pockets, chose to explore the surrounding countryside – which Ben knew meant, with the depopulation of the entertainment district just outside the fort, the nearest saloon in the nearest town, and he tried not to think of what they’d be doing until they ran out of money.

     For the first three days after they left, Ben would get up each day, clean his barrack’s area, and spend a good part of the day talking to one of the others. But, after a while, they ran out of things to talk about. Now, he would walk around the fort; not a lot to see after doing it twice; or sit in the barracks reading or cleaning and re-cleaning his gear.

     On the morning of the fourth day, or maybe it was the fifth or sixth; he’d lost track; Ben was sitting on the edge of his bunk, rubbing beeswax into the leather of his boots for the sixth or seventh time, when Lieutenant Colin Montgomery walked in. Ben hadn’t seen the young officer but once or twice since their return from Maxwell. He’d developed respect for him during the mission, feeling that Montgomery would make a fine cavalry officer. He thought he’d been sent out to his new unit.

     Ben stood to attention as Montgomery, clad sensibly now in trousers and tunic more appropriate for field duty instead of his full uniform, as he’d been when they first met, came near.

     “Stand easy, sergeant,” Montgomery said in a mild voice. “Sit down. I came to say my goodbyes. I’m off to Fort Staunton this afternoon. I’ll be adjutant of the unit up there.”

     Ben resumed his seat on the end of the bunk. Montgomery sat next to him. While he was as neat as always, he had at least let his mustache grow out and become a bit ragged at the ends. Ben smiled at his efforts to look more like someone who belonged on the frontier rather than some plantation mansion drawing room.

     “Congratulations, sir,” Ben said. “I never been to Fort Staunton, but I hear it’s right pretty up that way.”

     “Yes, I’ve heard that as well.” Montgomery played with the ends of his mustache. “Of course, I doubt I’ll get much chance to do any sightseeing. I understand the commander there’s in a bit of trouble with the locals and with army headquarters. I imagine I’ll be busy just doing my job.”

     “I’m sure you’ll do well, sir.” Ben noticed that the young lieutenant beamed. Dang, he thought, I don’t know why my opinion matters to him. “I wish you well.”

     “Thank you, Sergeant Carter. That means a lot to me.  I- I just wanted to say, too . . . well, - - oh hell, look, sergeant, I just want you to know that, working with you, I learned more about leading men than I did the whole four years I was at West Point. I appreciate what you did for me, and I just want you to know that.”

     “No need thanking me, sir,” Ben said, ducking his head. “I was just doing what any good sergeant should do.”

     Montgomery smiled, one side of his mouth going higher than the other. He then made a chuckling sound deep in his throat. “That, I think, is one of the greatest lessons you taught; there’s no need to trumpet your abilities, just quietly do your duty. Well, Ben Carter, you did your duty, and from what I saw, you do it better than any other man in this army.”

     Montgomery stood and stuck out his hand.

     “I’m proud to have known you, and hope that one day I’ll get a chance to serve with you again.”

     Ben stood and took the outstretched hand. “Same here, sir,” he said.

     When Montgomery released his grip, he placed a hand on Ben’s shoulder. He let it rest there a few moments, looking into the young sergeant’s brown face. Then, he nodded, removed his hand, turned on his heels and, with his shoulders straight, marched out of the barracks.

     Ben looked at his retreating back. He could still feel the pressure of the man’s hand on his shoulder. He smiled.

     Just as he sat and resumed waxing his boots, Malachi Davis rushed into the room, almost colliding into Ben’s bunk in his haste.

     “Whoa, Malachi,” Ben said. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s the matter?”

     Davis stood there, gulping in air. His eyes were big round orbs in his dark brown face.

     “B-ben,” he said between gasps for air. “I d-done run all the way here from regimental headquarters. The c-colonel he done sent me to fetch you. D-done said it important and you to c-come right away.”

     Ben noticed that Davis’s stuttering, which went away when he was in the field, especially when he was in battle, came back whenever they were in the fort.

     “Did he say what it was about?”

     “N-naw, and I ain’t been askin’ him neither. The c-colonel say git Sergeant Carter to m-my office, I do what he say.”

     Ben shrugged. “Okay, let’s go.” He pulled on his boots, which he could now see his reflection in, and stood. Clapping the young private on the shoulder, he motioned him toward the door.

     As they made their way from the barracks toward the headquarters building, which sat near the middle of the fort, Ben noticed a number of new recruits, who were housed in the company quarters north of his, also making their way toward the headquarters.

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Rescuers Arrive, Arizona – Charles A. Ray

Rescuers Arrive, Arizona – Charles A. Ray

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Review: "The Cascade Annihilator" by Chris James

English: World Scout Jamboree Internet Café
English: World Scout Jamboree Internet Café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Book 1 of The Second Internet Café, Dimension Researcher Lucas Hunter encountered the evil American Dietrich during his trips to the ‘other’ dimensions. What ensued was an American attack on the Café in an attempt to destroy it – an attack that Lucas and his friends were able to thwart.

In The Second Internet Café, Book 2: The Cascade Annihilator, once again must confront his nemesis Dietrich, who is now armed with a weapon that threatens to not only destroy the Café, but the entire reality. The Café is again under threat, and not just from Dietrich, but from the entrenched European bureaucracy that wants to shut it down, or bring it more under political control. Aiding Lucas in saving the facility and the existence of ‘reality one’ is Paula Featherstone who has the ability to enter other realities when she sleeps.

To add complications to their task, Lucas discovers that another group, more advanced people from yet another ‘reality,’ are also interested in the outcome of his confrontation with his enemy, but he’s not sure he can completely trust the enigmatic Mr. Llews.

As in the first book, the action in Book 2 is nonstop; the characters are unforgettable, and the settings are all too real. Chris James has changed gears a bit in this book; writing from two points of view – alternating between Lucas and Paula – he keeps your interest as this complicated tale unfolds.  This is a book that you won’t be able to put down; in fact, you just might find yourself going back and re-reading portions to make sure didn’t miss anything.

Another five star effort by author James.

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Foreign Service Veterans Seek to Dispel the Myths

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Rescuers Arrive

Brazilian, Colombian, and Chilean rescue forces exit a Singapore Chinook helicopter in a scenario from US Air Force exercise Angel Thunder 2013.

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Review: "Serial Date" by D. V. Berkom

I Am Not a Serial Killer
I Am Not a Serial Killer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leine Basso has left her old life as a government assassin behind, and moved from L.A. to Seattle to start anew. When the contestants on the reality TV show “Serial Date” begin to become victims of a cannibalistic serial killer, Leine is hired to provide on-set security. Returning to L.A., she finds herself in the middle of gritty, bloody action, which soars to new heights when her estranged daughter returns and is kidnapped by the killer, who begins making demands on Leine that plunge her right back into the life she’s tried to leave behind.

In Serial Date, author D. V. Berkom exposes the dark underbelly of society, from the unreal make believe world of reality TV to sordid politics, and paints a picture in such vivid colors and bold strokes you feel you’re there. Crisp, crackling dialogue and characters you have no problem believing in, are the hallmarks of Berkom’s story, and the action, which is non-stop from start to finish, will have you on the edge of your chair, panting for more.

This is mystery as mystery should be – intricate, non-linear plot with more twists than a bag of pretzels, a lead character you can identify with, warts and all, and a satisfying conclusion that, if you’ve read carefully, will surprise you as you slap your forehead and say, “why didn’t I see that coming?”

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New Photo on PhotoBotos - Drinking Giraffe

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"Power Up Your Brain" by Nancy N. Wilson, Writing as J. J. Jackson

Nancy N. Wilson (J. J. Jackson)

Power Up Your Brain

(Written under the pen name of J. J. Jackson)


A MUST READ for anyone who wants to build and sustain a healthy brain regardless of age!

The book offers Five Simple Strategies (some of them potentially life-changing), with a number of action steps that can be taken to implement each strategy.

The Strategies

·         The Basics: Feed the Brain - Get Adequate Rest - Exercise Regularly

·         Stress Management

·         Brain Stimulation

·         Expanding Horizons

·         Introspection

Choose your action steps NOW and begin to improve the
power of your brain TODAY!

If you are willing to incorporate steps from each category into your lifestyle, you will develop habits that can improve and support strong brain function for a lifetime; and can potentially diminish the possibility of ever having to deal with insidious brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's.


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More From Nancy Wilson - the Writer, Not the Singer: Books by Nancy Wilson

 Author Nancy N. Wilson is more than just a cookbook author. Check out her other works, including those written under the name, Susan Summer.

The following titles are available for your Kindle:

DETOX – The Master Cleanse Diet        (Author: Nancy N. Wilson)


If you want a strong, healthy body that works on the highest level of efficiency, this book is for you!

Alternative health practitioners have been saying for years that toxins are continuously entering our bodies – from pesticides, processed foods, polluted air and impure water, etc.

We have little or no control over exposure to some of the toxins, such as pesticides and polluted air; but, for the average person sugary and salty foods, trans-fats, and caffeine (plus others) are actively chosen as part of the daily diet.

If toxins are not cleaned out property, the body may hold onto them in the digestive track (especially the colon), the lymph nodes, the gastrointestinal system, plus the skin and hair cells.

Excessive accumulated toxic waste in the body can create fatigue, headaches, unhealthy weight gain, low energy, stomach aches and nausea, plus it can cause a number of chronic diseases.  The liver and kidneys are forced to work overtime to eliminate the waste, but they can only do so much.  They need help, which is the purpose of a detoxification process and the reason for this book. 

Buy it today and DETOXIFY your body for better health!


NOTE:  This book has a giveaway running through the month of April at  Sign up for a chance to win a paperback copy of the book.


  Attitude Adjustment – Make Your Whole Outlook Brand New   

(Author:  Nancy N. Wilson)


Is your attitude serving you or hurting you?  Is it one of constant doom and gloom, or one of happiness and joy?

If it is the latter, terrific - keep doing what you are doing! If it is the gloom and doom, negative attitude that pushes people away, the book gives you some options of things you can do to change.

Your attitude creates an aura that is positive or negative and becomes the magnet that draws people to you or pushes them away. What you project through your attitude is, in large part, the catalyst for the kinds of attitudes that you receive from others.

If your life is not what you want it to be in one or all aspects, the problem may be closely related to your attitude. You have a choice.  The can stay with Popeye’s mantra, “I yam what I yam!”  Or you take steps to change your attitude and change your life. It all begins with an honest look at your approach to life and the attitude you project. 

As you read through each section of the book, you will find information, exercises and suggestions to help you with attitude adjustments that can make your whole outlook brand new.

Attitude can be your most powerful tool in living a good life.



Growing Roses

(Author: Nancy N. Wilson writing as Susan Sumner)




This book is the perfect choice for the novice rose grower.

It provides step-by-step instructions for every phase of the rose-growing process - from choosing the right roses, to planting the roses, and finally - how to care for your roses over time. Paying attention to each step will ensure a successful experience and help you grow magnificent roses in your yard for years to come.

Contents Include:

  • Types of roses and how to choose the right roses
  • When to plant roses
  • How to plant roses 
  • How to water, fertilize and prune roses
  • Common diseases of rose plants and how to prevent them
  • Caring for your roses 
  • Growing roses organically
  • And much more . . . 

This is a book that you will want to keep handy for quick reference to answer questions as you plant and nurture your beautiful new roses.
About the Author:

As a young child, I was very curious and always wanted to know why something worked and how it worked. My mother allowed me to explore almost anything that interested me - including giving me things to take apart, such old clocks and radios. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know and then, I discovered the wealth of information that could be found in books, plus the magical journeys I could take through the power of words!

Reading became the center of my life. The town library was located in the Women's Club of my little farming community that I called home. In my eyes, it was the grandest building in town - newly built, with a heavenly air-conditioner that sheltered me from the blazing heat of Arizona summer days. It was my personal cocoon in which I could read the hours away.

Later in high school, as I continued to devour books by the dozens, I discovered writing and began to create my own works. It was a magical time! My love affair with the written word began and has never really stopped. 

Unfortunately, my affair was dealt a serious blow during my first year in college when an English professor told me that I used a lot of words, but said very little. His words went to my very core and hobbled my writing confidence for a number of years. I continued to write, but not with the same excitement and enthusiasm that I had previously enjoyed.

It was not until many years later that everything turned around. After completing my MBA as a "mature woman" I found a position with a Leadership Development Training Company in Manhattan that required use of three major passions: my insatiable curiosity of how and why things work, my love of learning through books, and my need to write and be published. 

I know, my work wasn't published in the true sense of the word, but my words were in print and people were reading them and using them to improve their professional lives. I had finally begun to realize my dream. 

Now I am retired and living the dream on a daily basis. I write many hours every day. I can proudly say that I have fifteen books published under several names with many more on the way. It is an amazing feeling!



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Review: "The Rising: The Lost Children of Managrail, Book One" by Aron Joice

Aron Joice’s The Rising: The Lost Children of Managrail, Book One, is a fantasy that is chock full of adventure. When the twins, Lila and Simian of Managrail, fall from the heights upon which their city is located, and find themselves lost in the forest inhabited by the night-prowling, flesh-eating Fergay, they set in motion an epic struggle between and among powerful forces that threaten to overwhelm them and destroy their way of life.

The impetuous Lila becomes central to all that transpires, despite her more mature brother’s every efforts. They are soon joined by Medack and Cayda, who are hunting the marauders who destroyed their village of Dirth and slaughtered all their kith and kin.

The action in The Rising is non-stop, with a combination of sword and sorcery that is sure to please fans of the genre. Despite some excellent writing, the story is somewhat marred by the introduction of too many characters without ample description of their origins or motives. A good story would rise to greatness if the reader had a better understanding of the interrelations of the various factions as they move inexorably to a showdown after Managrail is destroyed by the Fergay.

While I found the book enjoyable, I’m giving it only three stars because of this. Joice is an excellent craftsman when it comes to dialogue, but needs to give more background to help one navigate through the intricacies of her tale.

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Review: "Don't Tell Anyone" by Laurie Boris

Liza Trager Stanhope faces a crisis when her mother-in-law, Estelle is diagnosed with breast cancer. When she and her husband learn that Estelle has known of the cancer for five years and has refused to see a doctor, and worse, that now that it is known, is reluctant to take the necessary treatments, all the ills of their relationship also come out into the open.
In Don’t Tell Anyone, Laurie Boris explores the intricacies of human relationships in a way that is both educational and entertaining. A frank discussion of the ‘forbidden’ topics; the things that are either never spoken of, or that are reduced to initials – like, the Big ‘C’ – is handled in a way that makes it easier to accept.
Boris had created a cast of characters that readers can identify with; from the fiercely independent Liza to the obstinate, but fearful Estelle; and moreover, care about. Raw human emotions are on display, seen through the eyes and thoughts of the characters themselves. This is not a ‘preachy’ story. But, it delivers a powerful message nonetheless, which is what an expertly written novel should do. The message delivered, most of all, is the power of the human spirit. Kudos to Laurie Boris for a story well told.

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Cooking With Nancy

Cookbook author Nancy N.
Cookbook author, Nancy N. Wilson, has a series of cookbooks available for anyone who wants to shine in the kitchen.

Here's what Nancy has to say about herself:

All things beautiful are my passion. I enjoy anything that a masterful hand creates. Writing is one of those, cooking is two, development of the human spirit is the third, and finally leadership development. The first two captured my interest and imagination at a very young age, the last two came much later. 

I began my love affair with cooking when I was very young. As soon as I could reach the counter top my mother gave me free reign in the kitchen. I was allowed to mix and mix and mix, building my masterpieces. They were nothing more that wild combinations of flour, sugar, spices, and water, but to me it was creating at its best. When I finished with each endeavor, we tossed it all and happily cleaned up the kitchen, looking forward to the next time. My creative spirit in the kitchen had taken root.

My first adventure in writing came my senior year in high school when I decided to take a writing correspondence course, which was very forward-looking for the time. I experienced the first thrill of putting pen to paper, and all these years later it is still one of the most pleasurable activities in my life.

The power of the human spirit and an understanding of the personal power we all possess came in my mid- to late-forties when I found myself a divorced and a single-mother of four children - two teenage daughters and two young boys. Suddenly, I was on my own and had to find a way to make it all work. I decided to thrive, rather than just survive my new life circumstances. The next few years were filled with deep personal introspection and self-discovery, which was amazing and life changing.
Leadership Development, specifically in business, is an interest that blossomed as a result of my work as a corporate consultant and master trainer with emphasis on developing strong leaders and managers in the corporate setting. Even though I no longer work in that arena, my desire to help others with their leadership skills has never waned. 

If I had my druthers, I would write all the time. In fact, that is pretty much what I do because I have reached a point in my life where it is now possible. 


Nancy's Cookbooks

DINNER – 55 Easy Recipes (Volume I – Mama’s Legacy Series)


This is a MUST HAVE cookbook for all busy moms and dads who want to feed their families well. 


This first volume in the Mama’s Legacy Series includes some of my personal favorites among the hundreds of recipes that I have collected over the years. Even though I was married for the first 20 years of my children's lives, I always had to work - so there was never a lot of extra time for cooking.  As a result, I was always on the lookout for recipes that were easy to prepare in the shortest amount of time possible and at a cost that would allow me to stay within my budget.

I have other recipes that are more complicated, but I wanted
to begin with the easier family favorites that met the above criteria. Most of the recipes in this volume range from very easy to easy, with only a few that are slightly more difficult.

Enjoy the collection and jump right in with the easiest to prepare: Balsamic Pork Chops, Carne Asada, Linguini with Clam Sauce, and Baked Mac and Cheese Casserole. Then, try them all! Find the ones you love to prepare and the ones your family enjoys the most. Enjoy
this new infusion into your recipe repertoire.



Breakfast and Brunch – 60 Delicious Recipes (Volume II – Mama’s Legacy Series)

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day and this little cookbook is filled with my family’s favorites that I couldn’t wait to share with you!


Breakfast and Brunch, Volume II of the Mama's Legacy Series is a collection of 60 scrumptiously delicious recipes that you and your family will love. This is a new and updated version of the cookbook with almost twice the number of recipes that were included in the original version.

I have tried to offer a variety of recipes from my collection. The recipes include tasty
 easy breakfast dishes that can be put together quickly for those busy mornings when everyone is going in a million directions.


There is a great selection of healthy, easy-to-make smoothies for those days when there is no time for a full meal. Or, when you have the time, choose more elaborate offerings that work well for a big Sunday breakfast or a special brunch prepared for friends.


For family-pleasing breakfasts, you will definitely want to try my special “hidden secret” versions of Old-fashioned Pancakes, Yummy Waffles, and Not-so-Traditional French Toast to name a few.


This is a wonderful cookbook filled with breakfast delights that you do not want to miss!



DESSERT – 50 Scrumptious Recipes (Volume III – Mama’s Legacy Series)

Dessert can make an ordinary dinner seem extraordinary!

The choices in Dessert – 50 Scrumptious Recipes,  Volume III in the Mama’s Legacy Series range from the best recipe for America's favorite cookie, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies  -  to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cakes, spectacular puddings, traditional and not-so-traditional pies and a large selection of unique special desserts.

You will find 
easy dessert ideas in almost every category - chocolate desserts, banana desserts, lunchbox desserts, Christmas desserts, Thanksgiving desserts and even healthy desserts. 

Three of the recipes are so easy and wonderful that you will wonder how you lived so long without them: Chocolate Ice Cream Pie, World's Best Cheesecake, and Floating Island. Try them first! The first two are long-standing favorites in the author's family for birthday dinners and holiday desserts and the last was one was discovered while working as a corporate consultant in Switzerland. 

With this cookbook, you will have a cache of wonderful dessert ideas - "sweets" that will please your family today, and can be passed down through the generations for all to enjoy.



CHICKEN – 25 Classic Dinners (Volume IV – Mama’s Legacy Series)


This is the perfect collection of classic chicken recipes that every good cook should know how to prepare.

The dishes in
Chicken – 25 Classic Dinners, Volume IV in the Mama's Legacy Series will not only please your family today, but can be passed down through the generations for others to enjoy. In addition to a variety of wonderful traditional recipes, there are a few unique recipes for the busy modern day woman or man who loves to cook and wants to feed his/her family well.

Chicken has always been the primary meat served in our home, so I have tried almost every kind of chicken
 recipe there is. The only non-chicken recipe in the collection is a bonus - my personal Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing recipe that I couldn't resist sharing. 

The 25 recipes range from quick and easy pasta dishes to more complicated fare such as 
Chicken Divan, Chicken Étouffé, and Coq Au Vin. None of them are particularly difficult, but a few require extra time to prepare well.


You will want to try every recipe because they are all delicious. Happy Cooking!




Mexican Favorites – 21 Traditional Recipes (Volume V – Mama’s Legacy Series)

The hot spiciness and rich flavors of Mexican Food make it a favorite across the U.S.  Now you can make it at home!


Mexican Favorites – 21 Traditional Recipes,  is Volume V of the Mama's Legacy's Cookbook Series is the only ethnic cookbook in the series, but I had to include it because Mexican food is my life-long favorite type of food and these are the best recipes I have found for making authentic dishes at home.


Mexican food was an integral part of my youth and was the only "eating out" experience I knew until I left my small hometown in Southern Arizona to attend college.

The recipes are
 traditional Mexican food  as commonly prepared in Southern Arizona. There is a little taste of everything from my own Homemade Tacos to Spicy Chicken Enchiladas Verdes to Creamy Margaritas and Flan (a very tasty traditional dessert).

I hope you and your family enjoy the recipes and much as my family does.



SIDE DISH RECIPES (Volume VI – Mama’s Legacy Series)

Lean how to conquer the side dish challenge!


Creative, well-prepared side-dishes complete the meal.  


When planning a meal, the main dish and the dessert are often fairly easy choices, side dishes are a little more difficult. The tendency is to prepare the same old things meal after meal. This collection of side dish recipes will help you get out of your rut.


The 60 recipes in Side Dishes, Volume VI in the Mama's Legacy Cookbook Series is filled with quick and easy basic recipes, new ideas for old standbys, plus more complicated recipes that are elegant enough for entertaining. There is something for every occasion - including a few new and unusual dishes that I am sure your family and guests will appreciate. Hopefully, you will find a number of favorites that you will want to prepare often.


The first section is “How To” Instructions on Cooking Rice and Steaming Vegetables.  All the other recipes have been grouped in five categories: Pasta; Potatoes; Rice; Salads, and finally Vegetables and Fruits, which is the largest group. Most of the recipes range from very easy to easy with only a few which take a bit more time and effort.

Use your imagination and have fun mixing and matching the recipes.



SAUCE RECIPES – 60 Tasty Choices (Volume VII – Mama’s Legacy Series)

Often all you need to make a good meal or dessert great is the perfect sauce.


Sauce Recipes, Volume VII in the Mama’s Legacy Series is a special collection of recipes to accompany the other six volumes in the series.


The 50 recipes in this cookbook provide a wide variety of choices in several different categories:

  Sauces for grilling and roasting meat

  Sweet dessert sauces

  Essential classic sauces that every cook should know how to make

  Specialty sauces that are unique and do not fit into the other categories

  Sauces for meats and vegetables

  Sauces for pasta


Most of the sauces are fairly quick and easy to prepare, with the exception of a few that take a little more time and effort (but are so worth it) such as: Hot Caramel Sauce, Hot Fudge Sauce - The Real Deal, Sharon's Lasagna Sauce, and Classic Hollandaise Sauce.


I encourage you to try each one and find your favorites - first for your family and then, others that are perfect for entertaining. Play with the recipes.


Many of the recipes can be used in a variety of ways - be creative and have a good time!
If you want to make a good impression the next time you have company over for dinner, you need to grab these books.

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