Sunday, June 23, 2013

It doesn't have to fit as long as I like it

The Daily Post at WordPress.Com does a series of daily prompts to give us bloggers fuel for our creative fires. These prompts serve as water to prime our writing prompts. I read them with interest, but have never actually used one before. And then, along came Daily Prompt: Island of Misfit Posts, and I couldn't resist. I mean, something that doesn't 'fit' my blog? You've got to be kidding.

Regular readers are probably chuckling by now. Because they know that nothing and everything fits this blog. I take the title 'Free flow of ideas is the cornerstone of democracy' seriously. A free flow of ideas means that all ideas should be free to flow - right? right!

Okay, so what's that post that I've been dying to write, but doesn't fit? Well, you've all heard of the movie, 'Driving Miss Daisy," right? Well, my post is driving related, and I call it 'Driving Me Crazy.' The reason it doesn't fit is that it's aimed at one person, and I usually address ideas and principles rather than individuals. But, this particular situation gnaws at my mind from time to time, and I just have to write about it to relieve the pressure, so here goes.

My wife is a meticulous, fussy driver. Even when she's not behind the wheel. In fact, especially when she's not behind the wheel. She's the epitome of a backseat driver. No, she's beyond that. She's backseat driver, anal retentive, and micro-manager all rolled into one. Let me give you a few anecdotal examples.

We're driving along, heading to the subway station not far from our house, and the exit ramp is coming up in about two miles. Now, I drift into the right lane as soon as it's clear. I do this every time, and every time she carps, "Why not wait until you're there to change lanes?" Now, she knows the answer to this. I hate it when people make sudden, drastic lane changes at the last minute, cutting in front of you to make their right turn from the left lane because they stayed over there until they were right on top of it.

Another thing she does that drives me crazy. I'm not a speed demon. I tend to drive around the speed limit, or five mph over. But, I don't like to impede traffic, so I go with the prevailing flow of traffic, especially on the expressways like the Beltway or I-270. I'm doing this and about every other time, she starts yelling in my ear that I'm going too fast. I'm doing 70 and cars are zipping past me like I'm parked, and I'm going to fast? Give me a break.

I could give you more stories - dozens more - but, I think you get the picture. To all you passengers out there who're tempted to give instructions to the driver of the car - please don't. It's annoying. It's distracting. And, you're driving the poor schmuck crazy.