Friday, May 20, 2011

They're Watching You

Yesterday, I participated in the launch of a program of HIV/AIDS education for professional soccer players of Zimbabwe, funded by the U.S. Embassy and run by Population Serices International (PSI).  In my remarks to the players, owners, officials, and coaches, I reminded them that not only are they sports roles models for the young people of Zimbabwe, but lifestyle role models as well.

We would all do well to remember this.  Whether we intend it or not, whether we even wish it or not, we are role models for someone.  For good or bad, deliberately or inadvertently, we influence the behavior of someone around us.  As parents, our actions, more than our words, shape the behavior of our children.  As government employees or teachers, we often have more influence than we think on the young people around us.

Keeping this in mind, it behooves us to be aware of our words and actions as we go through the day.  Remember, they're watching you!