Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kindle Books: Holiday Book Specials

Looking for stocking stuffers for those favorite people on your holiday gift list – or just want to give yourself a treat? Books are great gifts, because they keep on giving year round. And, e-Books are even greater because they’re so portable. I’m offering a holiday special for my readers. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, five of my Kindle titles will be available either FREE or at a greatly reduced price. Make a note of the dates and get your shopping done early.

Buffalo Soldier: Incident at Cactus Junction Third in the Buffalo Soldier series, historical novels for YA readers. In this story, Sergeant Ben Carter and his men are sent to protect the citizens of the West Texas town of Cactus Junction from a gang of rustlers. In the process, they also have to contend with local prejudice. http://www.amazon.com/Buffalo-Soldier-Incident-Cactus-Junction-ebook/dp/B009C91HO8/
Get it FREE December 1 - 5!

 Dead Men Don't AnswerAnother Al Pennyback mystery. Al is asked by a young woman to find out why her fiance, supposedly dead for six months, answered his phone. As he investigates, a ghost from his past - a military operation gone terribly wrong - comes back looking for revenge. To make matters worse, he discovers that the dead man might actually be alive, and a murderer. The clock is ticking for our intrepid DC private detective, known as the Brown Knight. http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Men-Dont-Answer-Charles-ebook/dp/B00AOMT99M/  Get it FREE December 6 - 10!

African Places: A Photographic Journey Through Zimbabwe and southern AfricaA photographic journal of my travels through southern Africa. http://www.amazon.com/African-Places-Photographic-Zimbabwe-southern-ebook/dp/B008C2WP2Y/
Discounted December 3 - 9, beginning at $0.99 or 81% off regular price!

 Pip's RevengeThe second in the series about Pip of Pandara, a foundling with special powers. A sword and scorcery fantasy. Pip has been given command of Pandara's army, and furthermore, Queen Daphne has instructed him to find a wife. To complicate his life, the Barbarian Tenkuk is mounting an invasion army, and Pip must defend Pandara against him. He's not sure which is the harder task, fighting Tenkuk or finding a wife. http://www.amazon.com/Pips-Revenge-Chronicle-Pip-Pandara-ebook/dp/B008ZDRJ76/
FREE December 11 - 15!

 Angel on His ShoulderA comic fantasy. Winston Nesbitt is a 40-year-old loser who still lives in his parents' house; is abused by his employers; and, is in love with a co-worker but afraid to let her know. He was comfortable with his life, if not exactly happy with it. He didn't think could get any worse, but then his grandmother, who died twenty years earlier, comes back as a tiny spirit, bent on straightening him out. http://www.amazon.com/Angel-His-Shoulder-Charles-Ray-ebook/dp/B008DYPPI2/ Discounted December 10 - 15. Get it for $0.99.