Monday, November 11, 2013

A Salute to Those Who Serve

Whether they’re sitting watch in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, at a radar screen on a ship in some distant ocean, behind a desk at a post in the U.S., or on their back porch remembering their service, our veterans have never failed to answer the call when their services were needed. They’ve come from farms, small towns, and towering cities; farmers and factory workers, men and women, all colors and religions – and, when necessary, they’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Take a moment today to reflect on the freedoms that we as Americans all too often take for granted, and the price in blood that our veterans have paid to purchase those freedoms. We might have to endure some economic hardship, but compared to much of the rest of the world, we have it easy. And, it’s largely due to the men and women who have been willing to put their lives on hold, and go into harm’s way.

They don’t ask much; only that we not forget. Show your respect and gratitude to our veterans. They deserve it – they’ve earned it.