Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Nicest Present I've Ever Received

During my visit to Mosi-a-tunya High School in Victoria Falls last month, a young poet, Obert Dube, prepared and recited a poem in my honor.  I reproduce it here for my readers - while I'm not sure I actually resemble the person in Obert's poem, this is the nicest honor I've received in nearly 50 years of service to my country:

Welcome to Zimbabwe
From nothing to something,
from nobody to somebody,
from inferior to superior,
from zero to hero,
from inking to swimming
Charles Ray welcome to Zimbabwe,
welcome to Matebeleland North,
welcome to Victoria Falls,
welcome to Mosi-oa Tunya High School

You are a great leader who is courageous
You saved the U.S government as a soldier for 20 good years
Due to your quality leadership you reached the rank of being a major
You have won 2 bronze stars, hence I will crown you with another bronze
as the best Charles in the world

You have worked with presidents, soldiers, chiefs
but now as a good father you are working with pupils
Just because you want to encourage them
to be what you are or even more than that

Charles I pay tribute to the University of Southern California
Where an ambitious leader like you was groomed
Every one who is not jealous is proud of you
and what you have done to Zimbabweans and your country,

I also pay respect to your beautiful wife, (Myung) Wook
who is always taking care of your heart
That is why you are always gorgeous and shining like a fish from the sea
You really deserve to be who you are
because of the support you are getting from your family
Charles you are a colonel
be always cool and calm don't be cold
You (are) indeed a Ray of sunshine
On behalf of Mosi -oa Tunya Hing School,we are very thankful
Your advice will always linger in our minds
Your donation will be a remarkable one
I say to you follow the river you will find the sea
Your time with us is prophetic, authentic, precious,

courageous, original and inspiring
Your help must not end here

but it has to go to where it is needed in the world
I bless you and may God bless you!