Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The First Snow of Winter - Oh My . . .

I woke up this morning to the first official snow of the Winter here in the Washington, DC area. We had a light dusting in November, but that hardly counts – besides, November is still Fall.

Since December 26, I've been getting myself physically ready for this – shoveling hundreds of pounds of the cold white stuff off my driveway. My exercise regimen, including walking, meditation, and some weight exercises, is two days exercise, one day recovery, and for the past week, I've been feeling stronger and ready for the snow demons
There they were this morning – a white blanket covering lawn, driveway and street. I have a dental appointment today, and if I want to make it – I thought – the snow had to go. So, out I went, snow shovel at the ready. I was going great guns until it was brought to my attention that I’d neglected an important element of any job I endeavor to do around the house – how to deal with a micro-managing, anal retentive spouse who insists on supervising everything I do down to the tiniest detail. Believe me, a few minutes of that, when your calves are burning and your back is aching from hefting snow, is taxing. Fortunately, because I meditate, I’m able with a little effort to disconnect myself mentally from bothersome people or events, so after a few minutes of my silent heaving of snow (my way, not hers, which takes twice as long), she decided I was too stubborn and went inside to brew a pot of tea. She’s a micromanager, but she can be considerate in her own way. A hot cup of tea helped mitigate the annoyance I felt about her standing behind me trying to direct the snow shovel.

Next time it snows, I’m getting up before 5:00 am, while she’s still asleep, and removing it. That’ll show her!