Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free Al Pennyback Mystery for your Kindle - June 3 - 7!

Get a free copy of The Day the Music Died for your Kindle, June 3 - 7 to celebrate spring.

Al Pennyback is hired to be a bodyguard to an up and coming young singer, Cindy Caton, who is also receiving death threats via email. There's no shortage of suspects, from her agent-manager, Conrad Bierbaum, to three frustrated singers who are jealous of her exclusive contract with Bierbaum. Al lets himself be atlked into accompanying the singer and her band to Colombia, where he has to contend with poisonous snakes in bed and an unfortunate Cindy Caton look-alike who winds up with a knife in her back. Back in the US after the tour, he's under pressure to catch the killer before Cindy becomes the next victim. Problem is, he finds himself quickly running out of suspects.