Monday, April 11, 2011

Comments from Georgia sponsor of Shona Sculpture Exhibit.

The following is excerpted from an email from one of the Georgia sponsors of the Shona Sculpture Exhibit:

I can't put into words how much the video and the letter meant to the museum and the schools. It was absolutely amazing. I had not seen the video until opening night and was overcome with emotion. It was just PERFECT!

After opening remarks from the school and the museum, the program started with the President of the student art club reading the letter from the Ambassador and introducing the video. It was magical. Everyone in the audience was so impressed. The video was so professionally done and the Ambassador is so engaging. It is a gift that the museum will cherish.

It was so rewarding to see Shona sculpture in the gallery - even more to be surrounded with evidence that the students learned so much about Zimbabwe and the Shona - student paintings and drawings of Zimbabwe, African animal soap carvings, written student critique of the Shona sculpture, student documentary, African song and dance, and much more.

Thank you and Sharon again for helping make this opening so special. And please let the Ambassador know how moved and inspired we were by his words; and by the fact that he took the time to create such a wonderful message.

Debbie Thompson, Bell South